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About the 2022 race...

"Such a nice course and group of people. The after-party is a blast!"

"This was my first time running this race. I loved it. Well organized, lots of volunteers, well-marked course, great timing system (immediate results!)"

"It’s probably the easiest event for parking and logistics. Great location."

"It was fabulous. I wouldn't change a thing, including the weather"

"One of my favorite races! Nice course and fantastic after party!"

About the 2021 race...

"This was one of the most enjoyable races I have ever run!" --TD

"- The course was PERFECT! Nice and fast, with plenty of variety of scenery and a great assortment of local cheerleaders!" --AC

"This is just a first rate event on all levels: registration, pick-up, professional timing and photos, free beer and ice cream. Very smooth and super fun at every turn!!" --AW

The course was great. I also really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the after party. My favorite part was probably the free ice cream though." --KB

About the 2019 race...

"extremely well organized, supremely supported great community involvement. the cooling towels were wonderful. great sponsors and the post race food was exceptional and had great variety! Traffic control was perfect! " --EN

"A well supported evening race with great beer and a live band! " --JK

"Excellent event - all aspects were great - great support on the course, nice course with good markings, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this race - it was my first race longer than a 5K in several years." --LC

"This was my favorite race that I have ran over the years. The location and course were fantastic. I also love that it is an evening race with an after party. Great to see local folks out cheering us on and also the beautiful park. Also extremely well organized event. Will definitely do it next year. " --JS

"Great venue, very well organized, fast course, volunteers were awesome, easy packet pick up, nice getting ID for beer early, nice expo, great music, nice awaerds ceremony, quick results., great food " --TO

About the 2018 race...

"New Favorite Race! Thanks to the band & Flying Dog for the excellent afterparty."  --AM

"Great race, great cause. I will DEFINITELY do this race again next year. Alex did a great job! "

"Volunteers were the best! They were everywhere! It was great having so many folks cheering!" --KH

"The event was very organized. From sign up, race info, directions, parking, bib pick up and race day instructions, everything seemed to flow smoothly. Loved the after party with Flying Dog beer, Oscar's food and the live band!"

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